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How AI boosts Markant’s P2P processes

At the 17th Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2022, Markant, a long-standing Insiders customer, will present its automated document and invoice processing with the smart INVOICE software. Torsten Breitkreuz, Head of International Projects at...

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user forum Response Management 2022

On October 13, 2022, Insiders welcomed its smart FLOW customers and interested parties from various industries for the first time to a joint user forum in Deidesheim. In the heart of the Palatinate region, the participants gained an exciting...

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Münchener Verein relies on Insiders Mobile Applications

With its new service app, private health insurer Münchener Verein creates customer proximity and improves communication. Intuitive self-services and fast digital feedback delight customers.Insiders has provided the basis for the successful implementation of the...

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Cognitive Classification

Your company faces a wealth of incoming information every day. The inbox is characterized by many incoming documents with photos such as accident pictures, real estate plans or identification documents. These documents offer little potential for purely text-based...

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inco partner 2022 inspires with product innovations

At the annual inco partner conference, we brought together leading process consultants, software vendors and BPO service providers to share how new AI technologies for intelligent input management and process automation are taking our solutions to the next level. At a...

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New Service Pack 6 smart FIX 5

It is our ambition to be and remain a technological leader. Therefore, we are continuously working on the further development and improvement of our products which reflects in regular service and release upgrades. This holds also true for the latest smart FIX 5...

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thyssenkrupp & Insiders live at SSO Week Europe 2022

At SSO Digital Week Europe 2022 we will present together with our customer thyssenkrupp Materials Services how we transform international order processing with Artificial Intelligence. thyssenkrupp Materials Services is the largest independent materials trader and...

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HUK24 implements cutting edge response management system

Insiders has introduced a highly efficient response management solution for HUK24 – with its smart FLOW solution. With around 13 million insured vehicles, the HUK Group is the largest motor insurer in Germany (as of 2020), and the direct insurance subsidiary HUK24 is...

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Invoice processing rethought with AI

Artificial intelligence allows largely automatic processing of invoices. This reduces effort and runtimes. Our current webinar series presents modern AI approaches in purchase-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) and shows solutions from practice. An efficient P2P...

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IT Talks


Watch this talk to learn more about refactoring and how to use it to improve your source code.

Comments in source code

Clean code demands easy-to-read source code. How important are comments? We give the answer in this video.

Code optimization

In this talk, we will present methods that significantly increase the comprehensibility of code for us and others.

Clean code

Learn more about sustainable software development with clean code.

smart FLOW Release 2.3

Today, your customers expect their inquiries to be answered as quickly as possible and without long waiting times. With our product smart FLOW, we offer you the optimal solution for your omnichannel response management. Communicate effortlessly and in real time with...

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BASF automates global P2P process in the Cloud

BASF shortens processing time for 3.5 million incoming invoices per year by 50 percent and reduces effort by 40 FTE thanks to AI. smart INVOICE excels in detailed document reading, excellent data quality, deep validation, and low maintenance effort. Insiders...

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Sustained Success in P2P Process Automation with AI

At the SSON AP Automation Digital Summit 2022, BASF will describe its experience from global accounts payable processing – with smart INVOICE from Insiders Technologies Insiders Technologies, together with its customer BASF, will demonstrate how P2P process automation...

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