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„Simple, flexible and efficient – with Insiders, invoice pro­ces­sing works in the cloud. We are thrilled!“

Christian Steiger

Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG
Maximum effi­ci­ency in document pro­ces­sing

Thanks to Insiders, Schäfer Shop and Schäfer Werke relieve their employees through high auto­ma­tion rates. With smart INVOICE and smart ORDER, the two Schaefer family busi­nesses optimize processes for order entry and invoice pro­ces­sing of all incoming documents and signi­fi­cantly increase effi­ci­ency in document pro­ces­sing.

Delighting customers with the MV Ser­viceApp

Münchener Verein Insurance Group relies on Insiders‘ mobile apps for its app-first strategy for digital customer care. The appealing MV Ser­viceApp bundles customers’ inter­ac­tions
with their health insurance on their mobile devices and inspires them with a com­pre­hen­sive service offering. The main focus for Münchener Verein is on the strategic importance of the digital customer interface and incre­asing customer satis­fac­tion.


With the Cognitive Clas­si­fier from Insiders, Debeka achieves com­ple­tely new per­for­mance dimen­sions in the automatic reco­gni­tion of image documents. The intel­li­gent com­bi­na­tion of different deep learning clas­si­fiers for text and image infor­ma­tion proves to be a forward-looking idea.

BASF automates global P2P process in the cloud

BASF shortens pro­ces­sing time for 3.5 million incoming invoices p.a. by 50 percent and reduces effort by 40 FTE with state-of-the-art AI and highly scalable cloud services. Cloud service and agile project approach enable the con­ver­sion of over 300 company codes worldwide in just a few weeks. smart INVOICE excels in detailed document reading, excellent data quality, deep vali­da­tion, and low main­ten­ance effort.

Response Manage­ment at the highest level

The direct insurer brand HUK24 stands for the best customer service. Email is the company’s most important com­mu­ni­ca­tion channel with millions of customers. This results in a volume of daily email com­mu­ni­ca­tion that would be impos­sible to handle without high-per­for­mance and AI-supported response manage­ment. Thanks to the response manage­ment solution smart FLOW, HUK24 masters this challenge every day.

Automated Accoun­ting at MAN

The accoun­ting depart­ment of MAN Truck & Bus SE received around 345,000 paper invoices, which were mostly processed by hand. The employees dealing with the invoices had to look up infor­ma­tion about creditors and enter the invoice data needed for the down­stream SAP-based workflow manually in SAP. This resulted in high costs per processed invoice.

Inter­na­tional invoice pro­ces­sing at BSH

1.6 million invoices per year – sites throug­hout the whole of Europe and the rest of the world – different spoken and written languages – various cur­ren­cies and special country-specific con­side­ra­tions. These were the requi­re­ments that BSH Haus­ge­räte GmbH, Europe’s largest and one of the world’s leading manu­fac­tu­rers of household appli­ances, had for modern and sus­tainable invoice pro­ces­sing.

„We process all of our incoming mail using Insiders solutions – up-to-date and across all input channels. Our business processes are now lean and efficient – we par­ti­cu­larly see benefits due to signi­fi­cant impro­ve­ments in quality and workflows.“

Ursula Throll-Schlepper

Ope­ra­tions Manage­ment, ALTE LEIPZIGER Lebens­ver­si­che­rung a.G.