Learn Scrum with minecraft

Experience digitalization! Get to know the agile framework Scrum in our digital Minecraft workshop and experience for yourself how it feels to work with it. In a playful way, you can gain your own experience in working with Scrum – without any coding or software development.

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The next Digitaltag will take place on June 24, 2022. The day of action brings people together to highlight various aspects of digitization, discuss opportunities and challenges, and initiate a broad social dialog with a wide range of activities. Our workshop as part of Digitaltag 2022 is aimed at students, young professionals and anyone who needs project management for their professional or educational everyday life. We are looking forward to experiencing digitization together with you!

Learn Scrum with Minecraft on june 24.

Using the gaming classic “Minecraft”, we introduce the basic roles, meetings and artifacts of the framework in several, short iterations and create our own digital city together. In doing so, we automatically deal with the advantages, but also the pitfalls of agile project management and Scrum in particular.

Which task is being worked on?

After a short introduction to the agile framework Scrum and the computer game Minecraft, we start: “Build a city where the inhabitants feel comfortable! In three different teams, the task is to implement this vision with the help of Scrum. The tasks are planned, the construction projects are estimated and prioritized and built in several sprints.

What equipment do I need?

All you need to participate is a Windows, MacOS or Linux computer that can run the Java version of the game. The system requirements for the Java Edition can be found here https://www.minecraft.net/de-de/store/minecraft-java-edition.

Who can participate in the workshop?

The Minecraft Scrum Workshop is aimed at students, young professionals and anyone who needs project management for their daily professional or educational life.


no programming knowledge needed

free registration and participation

no minecraft experience needed

maximum 15 Participants

we provide the minecraft account


certificate of attendance

With team spirit to the goal

Scrum is a framework for agile product development and agile project management. It organizes the collaboration of teams, based on a definition of roles, meetings and artifacts.

Scrum gives a team structure and a clearly defined work process based on agile principles. It is easy and quick to learn and can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

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