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new format for efficient post-processing
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Success factor postprocessing

The correct and efficient verification of your documents in Web Verifier is an essential success factor for fastest processing times and highest data quality in your business processes.

For many years, the Insiders Academy has been your proven partner for the optimal training of your post-processing team. However, the requirements and needs of learners are also changing in the area of further education due to digitalization. Insiders Academy is starting the year 2022 with a new, innovative training concept for Web Verifier. First module: the new e-learning course “Web Verifier Field Check”.

Join our free webinar on january 31, 2022!

Discover the interactive self-learning offering in our webinar “Efficient Web Verifier Training trough E-Learning”. Learn how the course integrates with the existing offering and how you can use it to provide holistic training for your post-processing teams in a flexible way that meets your needs.

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Date: January 31, 2022

Time: 12:00 to 12:45 p.m.

Digital MS-teams Meeting

Flexibility trough

With e-learning, learners are independent of fixed dates and locations. Companies benefit from standardized, consistent quality. Regardless of whether you are training a new team or continuing to train an existing one, whether you are working centrally or at many locations, whether you are starting the test phase or are already working productively with Web Verifier – our e-learning courses offer you the greatest possible flexibility!

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Join our free 45-minute webinar “Efficient Web Verifier Training trough E-Learning” and get an exclusive sneak peek into the e-learning course. Learn everything you need to know about the course. We’ll take plenty of time to answer your questions afterwards.

Monday, January 31, 12 p.m.



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