Chatbot for automated HR processes

May 29, 2021

Would you like to offer your employees fast, round the clock help with all their HR questions and processes? Then our chatbot is the right solution for you to automate your HR queries.

Whether it’s vacation bookings, address changes, job refe­rences, etc. your employees expect a quick response to all requests – and that’s best done in a chat. With our chatbot, you set an intel­li­gent HR assistant which auto­ma­ti­cally handles all stan­dar­dized processes for you. This takes the pressure off your HR depart­ment whilst still sup­porting your employees.

TThe chatbot is trained with regular HR questions which it answers imme­dia­tely. It also offers help in the chat for queries or cor­rec­tions. For example, an employee will receive a personal overview before a holiday request to make amend­ments if necessary. If for any reason the employee does not under­stand a question, the chatbot imme­dia­tely provides a detailed expl­ana­tion.

Automate your HR processes – with intel­li­gent assistants based on state-of-the-art AI tech­no­logy.

The chatbot is available to your employees 24/7 – and always right where they need it: on the intranet or portal, in your employee app or in the company chat. It guides them intel­li­gently through the entire process. For com­pli­cated indi­vi­dual enquiries, it hands them over to a human adviser. This way, your employees always get the right answer.

With sta­tis­tics on usage, it is possible to train the chatbot and optimize it further. This relieves your in-house experts of many routine tasks – and your service team can help your employees with specific issues where indi­vi­dual advice is required.