Münchener Verein relies on Insiders Mobile Applications

With its new service app, private health insurer Münchener Verein creates customer proximity and improves communication. Intuitive self-services and fast digital feedback delight customers.

Insiders has provided the basis for the successful implementation of the app-first strategy for digital customer care at Münchener Verein. The new MV ServiceApp builds on Insiders’ modular Mobile Applications, which offer pre-built typical use cases from the insurance industry and allow for easy customization of individual apps.

Münchener Verein’s customer service is among the best in the industry. However, customer demands are increasing, and the insurer is faced with the challenge of satisfying existing analog customers as well as demands from digital natives.

When it decided on an app-first strategy, the company deliberately steered away from an elaborate in-house app development and decided to purchase a ready-made product that could be independently expanded and deliver new functionality. The decision was quickly made in favor of Insiders and their Mobile Applications.

Delighting customers with digital service

Based on the smart CONTRACTS module, the digital contract overview provides all the information on current insurance contracts. Using the self-service functions of the smart SERVICES module, customers can easily view and, if necessary, change their data.

The option of digitally capturing and submitting receipts with smart CAPTURE is used particularly frequently. Invoices, prescriptions, treatment and cost plans, and other receipts are simply photographed with the app and submitted digitally. This saves customers from having to send bills by mail and gets their out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed faster. The app also provides a history of submissions.

With smart INFO, a digital mailbox has been created that can bundle all messages and correspondence. In addition to service invoices, all other information, documents and messages can be delivered and managed digitally. Robust end-to-end encryption ensures the delivery and mailbox are extremely secure.

Currently, around 33,000 policyholders use the app to communicate with customer service – and the number is rising sharply. Customers are delighted with the new service app – especially the fast digital feedback – and give it excellent ratings.

“We have been watching the market closely. Mobile apps are an excellent basis for implementing appealing service apps in the insurance industry.”,

says Dr. Marcus Kaiser, Information Technology/Business Services at Münchener Verein. In insurance customer service, an app offers enormous advantages and is very much welcomed by customers. It creates proximity and facilitates communication.

A win-win situation for all involved

The user-friendly MV ServiceApp now bundles customers’ interaction with their health insurance on their mobile devices and delivers them a comprehensive range of services. The traditional Munich-based insurer is committed to underlining the strategic importance of digital customer communication and increasing customer satisfaction. Moving forwards, improving the service offering will go hand in hand with creating internal efficiency gains and savings, and the MV ServiceApp provides benefits in those two respects.