Insiders & Debeka: Cognitive Classification with Deep Learning

May 12, 2022

Together with our customer Debeka, we report on the processing of image-based documents in input management with a new method at the specialist conference “AI and self-learning systems in insurance companies” of the Versicherungsforen Leipzig. For the first time, image- and text-based classifiers were combined in an integrated approach. The results are impressive and take the insurance group’s input management to a new level.

Under the title “Cognitive Classification – Automated Image Recognition with Deep Learning Technologies”, we will present the joint project at the conference. For many years, Debeka has been using Insiders Technologies’ solutions very successfully for division separation, classification and processing of incoming documents.

However, the correct recognition of image-based incoming documents such as ID cards, certificates or photos of accident damage or real estate proved to be difficult or even impossible for the purely text-based classifiers. Consequently, some of these document classes had to be classified completely manually until now. This gave rise to the idea of extending the classic classifier to include image classification using Deep Learning. The new Cognitive Classifier from Insiders combines the two classification methods of text and image recognition intelligently and seamlessly.

“Together with our partner Insiders Technologies, we have implemented an AI solution in a real use case that is absolutely in tune with the times.“

explains Marc Drewing, Group Head of Input Management at Debeka Versicherungsverein a.G.. “We can now use our proven processes even more effectively and further increase the level of automation.”

The Cognitive Classifier provides an enormous automation effect at Debeka: In the Home Loan and Savings division, where most images accumulate, the re-entry rate is now less than 16 percent.

“The Cognitive Classifier now provides a universal solution for the classification of documents and photos that puts all existing approaches to shame,” adds Christian Bokelmann, authorized signatory and head of Key Account Management at Insiders Technologies. “The project is already generating a great deal of interest in the industry.”

The Versicherungsforen Leipzig GmbH face-to-face event will present reports and practical application examples from insurance companies and beyond on the topics of AI, self-learning systems, machine learning, automated decision-making and Explainable AI on May 17 and 18, 2022 in Leipzig. It is aimed at specialists and managers from the central and decentralized areas of insurance companies, particularly in the departments of IT, process management, operational organization, data management, sales and marketing, and claims.