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Build the AI services you need to make the most of your content. Powerful tools, an intuitive workbench, infinite pos­si­bi­li­ties – all placed in your hands!

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Are you still waiting for the one auto­ma­tion solution for your use case? And there is no standard in sight? And where are all those data sci­en­tists?

Auto­ma­tion has never been easier!

Insiders offers you a wide range of powerful AI services and intuitive no-code inter­faces that allow you to easily automate your specific process – quickly, con­ve­ni­ently and with high per­for­mance.




Cognitive EXTRA­C­TION






Your orga­ni­sa­tion is faced with a wealth of incoming infor­ma­tion every day. Making this content available for the right process is the first step towards cognitive auto­ma­tion. With Insiders Cognitive Clas­si­fier, you create your own clas­si­fi­ca­tion service that takes into account both textual and visual features to easily distin­guish between your documents – com­ple­tely auto­ma­ti­cally. In this way, you achieve unpre­ce­dented clas­si­fi­ca­tion rates with the latest deep learning methods.

Cognitive Extra­c­tion

Struc­tured data is the fuel for your auto­ma­tion projects. We show you how to extract all relevant infor­ma­tion from your unstruc­tured or semi-struc­tured content with ease. With the Insiders Service Builder, you can easily define, train and implement these extra­c­tion services yourself – and you don’t have to be an IT or AI expert to do it. With our no-code approach, anyone can easily become a solution architect.

The Service Builder makes indi­vi­dual auto­ma­tion

simple, intuitive & fast


AI tech­no­logy unfolds its full potential in col­la­bo­ra­tion with humans. For us, auto­ma­tion is therefore always more than just dark pro­ces­sing. Our human-in-the-loop services utilise the inter­ac­tion of AI and humans to design efficient and effective processes. Integrate our highly ergonomic tools, adapt them flexibly to your requi­re­ments and take your auto­ma­tion solutions to the next level.


End-to-end auto­ma­tion of your business processes requires more than just pro­ces­sing your input. Go one step further and create your own response or con­ver­sion services. Contact us and let us surprise you with what we can already offer you in the field of document intel­li­gence – and beyond.


Combine your services for auto­ma­tion and integrate our pre-con­fi­gured smart services – so you cover the entire process. The smart service ecosystem grows with your requi­re­ments and becomes an integral part of your IT solutions.


Your Insiders services are con­ti­nuously getting smarter. Measure their per­for­mance, adjust them as needed and reach the next level of cognitive auto­ma­tion.

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