Intelligent services for your employees

Jun 12, 2021

Do you want to offer your employees a mobile information and communication tool? Would you like to make a wide range of internal services available conveniently and from any location – and no longer just use traditional web portals? Then we’d like to introduce you to our mobile services.

In many companies, internal business processes are now handled via an intranet portal: Travel and vacation management, information for employees or internal company knowledge exchanges. Portals such as these can be used very easily at workstations in the office. For field staff or in production teams, this is often much more difficult.

With our employee app, you can conveniently provide your employees with the services they need, regardless of their location. Using mobile device functions, such as a camera or GPS, you can design your internal processes much more efficiently than via traditional web portals.

Mobile voucher submission

Whether it’s travel expense receipts, AU certificates or other documents – with smart CAPTURE, your employees can conveniently capture and submit documents – regardless of location and with document quality assured. For automated processing of the documents received, you can use our market-leading products for input management – this means you have all the relevant information for your follow-up processes immediately available.

Personalized employee information

Do you want to keep your employees continuously informed about internal company news? Then use our standard product smart INFO. It’s suitable regardless of whether it’s general company news or information for an individual. With a push notification on his or her mobile device, employees are informed when a message is received – and all the information is transmitted in encrypted form.

Intelligent Self-Service

Do you want your employees to be able to handle standard processes efficiently themselves? With smart SERVICES, a large number of processes can be automated very easily – such as change of address or bank details. An innovative real-time OCR provides optimal support when entering the required data. For example, an IBAN number can be scanned from the EC card in seconds with the help of the mobile device’s camera – so typing is no longer necessary.

Internal corporate communications

Now that messengers have long been established in the private sphere, more and more companies are also turning to messenger applications for internal corporate communications. With smart CHAT, you can offer your employees an efficient, secure and, above all, flexible communication medium. And if required, the entire necessary infrastructure remains under your control.

Individual functions for mobile working

In addition to these functionalities, which you can implement very easily with our standard products, you can easily extend your employee app with company-specific functions as required, for example with connected time recording modules or customized access to internal IT systems. Either way, you get your own app – for your employees.

Our employee app also offers your employees a mobile information, communication and service tool that goes far beyond the functionality of a simple mobile website. And, of course, all this is branded in the individual look and feel of your corporate design – for rapid rollout within the company. This is what the future of internal communications with your employees looks like but without the wait – modular, fast and efficient – with Insiders Mobile Solutions.