inco partner 2022 inspires with product innovations

Jul 7, 2022

At the annual inco partner conference, we brought together leading process consultants, software vendors and BPO service providers to share how new AI technologies for intelligent input management and process automation are taking our solutions to the next level.

At a height of almost 100 meters in the event location KölnSKY, the approximately 100 participants were impressed not only by the innovations presented, but also by the spectacular view of the Rhine metropolis.

Under the motto “Moving to the Next Level”, the partners learned about the opportunities and potential of AI-based Cognitive Process Automation. The varied program with short presentations, live demos and expert interviews spanned a range of important information about the products and services to many useful tips and assistance for the business of the partners.

To kick off the event, Werner Weiss, Managing Director of Insiders Technologies, introduced the essence of disruptive change with concise examples.

“If your solution strategy of today becomes the problem of tomorrow, you have to aim for the Next Level”

Weiss formulated a catchy indicator for the necessity and the right time for further development. “The new possibilities of artificial intelligence are creating precisely this field of tension for disruptive change in many business processes. In many industries, the cards are currently being reshuffled.”

In order for partners to benefit from this development, the speakers highlighted the current trends and requirements in the area of Process Automation in the following presentations and demos and presented the corresponding solution approaches for them.

Modern response management with smart FLOW enables the innovative design of communication processes in customer service and supplier management. New products and services in the areas of purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash offer exciting potential for both new customer acquisition and up & cross selling with existing customers. The new, deep-learning-based Cognitive Classifier achieves new levels of performance in document classification by combining text and image classification – for example, in incoming mail processing. The Insiders Cloud makes it particularly easy for partners to use even complex AI processes. The Insiders Cloud already processes around 5 million pages per month – and the trend is rising rapidly.

The cloud model is particularly interesting for partners with customers from the SME segment, as it creates access to technologies that would otherwise only be applicable with significantly higher transaction rates. This is also reflected in the impressive number of more than 750 new Insiders customers last year via partners.

However, the presentations at inco partner 2022 were just the start. For all new and improved products, Insiders will be offering comprehensive kick-start workshops in the coming weeks, providing partners with an intensive introduction to the new possibilities and the underlying technology.

“Our AI-based solutions enable companies to take automation to a whole new level. With inco partner 2022, we have given our partners ideas on how they can benefit from changing customer requirements in a dynamic market environment with our innovative products and services,” explains Dr. Rainer Czech, Head of Channel Management, at Insiders Technologies.