Cognitive Classification

Your company faces a wealth of incoming information every day. The inbox is characterized by many incoming documents with photos such as accident pictures, real estate plans or identification documents. These documents offer little potential for purely text-based classification and must therefore be indexed almost entirely manually. Even with purely text-based documents, correct assignment is often only possible from a combination of context and domain knowledge. Providing the content for the right process is the first step towards cognitive automation.

For this reason, we decided to add image classification to the Insiders text classifier we have been using up to now. The new Cognitive Classifier now combines the best of two worlds: the proven excellent text recognition and now new, the classification of images with Deep Learning. The previous workflows remain unchanged and the front-end for users also remains the same. The AI continues to work reliably in the background and decides for itself whether text recognition, image recognition or both are to be used.

With the Cognitive Classifier from Insiders, a universal solution for the classification of documents and photos is now available that outshines all existing approaches. It allows you to make proven processes even more effective and further increase the level of automation. In this way, you can achieve unprecedented classification rates with the latest deep learning methods.

Increase your automation through the intelligent use of our classification solution!