Cognitive Classification

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The challenge

The rapid technological progress in the field of neural networks in recent years has contributed significantly to the fact that complex classification problems – especially of documents – are solved significantly better by using the Cognitive Classifier. Natural language understanding as well as the visual detection and evaluation of significant, optical features lead to a new dimension of performance on any kind of documents: Whether you want to classify text-only documents, images, or mixed content.

Regardless of whether we challenge an existing solution or face a new task: With the Cognitive Classifier, you reduce your manual effort through significantly increased automation. If you are already using smart FIX, you can set it up in no time at all – without any major project effort.


your guide

Let us reach a new level of automation together! A tools is only as good as its user: in the following steps, you will learn how to make the most of this technology. Benefit from our expertise – first-hand and prepared for you.

success in practice

Benefit from the experiences of our satisfied customers. Read our joint success story with Debeka to find out first-hand and directly from practice what potential the Cognitive Classifier offers you for your application scenario.

your benefit

Insiders has enabled the reliable recognition of image and text documents with the Cognitive Classifier for Debeka. Learn how you too can benefit from the Cognitive Classifier.

insert the classifier

In this training course, you will learn how to classify and separate your documents via AutoClassifier. You will train the classification of document classes in the AutoClassifier, test the quality of the training results and learn which methods you can use to improve them. We will also present how AutoClassifier is used for field classification. We will explain how automatic document separation works and you will learn how to train, test and optimize it.

technological requirements

Meet the technical requirements by installing the Ovation Server – the linchpin of our AI solutions. Learn the steps for a successful installation in our Insiders Insight.

Optimization of classification

Once the technical requirements are met and you have received a test license from your sales contact, you are ready to go: Find out more in our Insight “smart FIX: Optimizing Classification with the Cognitive Classifier.


In the webinar “Cognitive Classification with Deep Learning at Debeka”, we report on how Debeka used the Cognitive Classifier to optimize existing processes and take input management to a new level.

active learning

Successful participants of our trainings know an AI is only as good as its training material. We achieve long-term satisfaction through continuous improvement of the classification by collecting suitable examples in the production environment – our so-called Active Learning. The necessary steps to collect the best examples and optimize your classification you will learn in the Insight “smart FIX: Active Learning in the optimization of AutoClassifier”.