Process order con­fir­ma­tions auto­ma­ti­cally with AI

Insiders intro­duces smart ORDER CON­FIR­MA­TION, a new member to its family of solutions for AI-supported document pro­ces­sing in the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process. Insiders‘ latest product uses state-of-the-art AI tech­ni­ques to automate document reading, vali­da­tion and veri­fi­ca­tion of order con­fir­ma­tions.

smart ORDER CON­FIR­MA­TION is the new stand-alone standard product made by Insiders for the automated pro­ces­sing of order con­fir­ma­tions. Using state-of-the-art AI processes, it captures more than 50 header and table items such as order numbers, delivery dates, or quan­ti­ties, but also INCO and payment terms with the highest precision and passes them on to any down­stream systems. Powerful AI algo­rithms enable matching with order data based on top-down and fuzzy search algo­rithms. In addition, the extracted data is mathe­ma­ti­cally and logically checked. If data does need to be validated manually, the solution offers a con­ve­nient and user-friendly web-based interface that can also be used to quickly research orders or further infor­ma­tion in third-party systems.
Like the related products smart INVOICE for invoice pro­ces­sing and smart ORDER for order pro­ces­sing, smart ORDER CON­FIR­MA­TION is based on generic document reco­gni­tion. It is therefore com­ple­tely inde­pen­dent of the layout. Without tedious template creation and lengthy training, smart ORDER CON­FIR­MA­TION reco­gnizes all relevant data at header and item level out of the box. It reacts quickly to changes due to new formats or suppliers using modern AI processes.
In the run-up to the general release today, the product has already proven itself in practice for several months at selected customers such as BASF and processed many order con­fir­ma­tions effi­ci­ently and auto­ma­ti­cally. smart ORDER CON­FIR­MA­TION is available on-premises and as a cloud service via Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies and its partners.

„In times of enormous dis­tor­tions in supply chains and price struc­tures, a detailed eva­lua­tion of order con­fir­ma­tions protects against unp­lea­sant surprises.”

explains Dr. Armin Stahl, Product Manager at Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies. “However, there are often not enough resources available for manual pro­ces­sing. With smart ORDER CON­FIR­MA­TION, companies can largely automate order con­fir­ma­tion pro­ces­sing and obtain the necessary trans­pa­rency promptly, in high quality, and at unbeatable low costs.“