New spheres of automation

Whatever business processes you think of, the vast majority are driven by some kind of data input or input document that needs to be understood by machines in order to automate the process. With the smart combination of modern AI technologies for cognitive classification and extraction, intelligent input management can enter entirely new realms of automation.

People can recognize at a glance that a document is a certificate of incapacity to work in the typical yellow and red form or an ID card. Intuitively, an employee will classify a document with a photo of a broken product as a complaint and thus understand the text in context more easily. Similarly, Insiders’ Cognitive Classifier combines a variety of cognitive abilities, mapped in different classification methods for images, forms or texts. This combination in a deep learning algorithm results in significant process accelerations and increased automation rates.

“The hybrid cognitive classifier developed by Insiders Technologies is based on the diversity of human abilities when classifying documents.”

DOK Magazine also reports on the cognitive classifier from Insiders Technologies in its current issue (#5-2021) entitled “Hall of Fame of Automation”. In the Content Intelligence | Cognitive Process Automation section, author Dr. Darko Obradovic shows the enormous savings potential that new classification options can unleash in companies’ input management.