New spheres of auto­ma­tion

Whatever business processes you think of, the vast majority are driven by some kind of data input or input document that needs to be unders­tood by machines in order to automate the process. With the smart com­bi­na­tion of modern AI tech­no­lo­gies for cognitive clas­si­fi­ca­tion and extra­c­tion, intel­li­gent input manage­ment can enter entirely new realms of auto­ma­tion.

People can recognize at a glance that a document is a cer­ti­fi­cate of inca­pa­city to work in the typical yellow and red form or an ID card. Intui­tively, an employee will classify a document with a photo of a broken product as a complaint and thus under­stand the text in context more easily. Similarly, Insiders‘ Cognitive Clas­si­fier combines a variety of cognitive abilities, mapped in different clas­si­fi­ca­tion methods for images, forms or texts. This com­bi­na­tion in a deep learning algorithm results in signi­fi­cant process acce­le­ra­tions and increased auto­ma­tion rates.

„The hybrid cognitive clas­si­fier developed by Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies is based on the diversity of human abilities when clas­si­fying documents.“

DOK Magazine also reports on the cognitive clas­si­fier from Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies in its current issue (#5–2021) entitled „Hall of Fame of Auto­ma­tion“. In the Content Intel­li­gence | Cognitive Process Auto­ma­tion section, author Dr. Darko Obradovic shows the enormous savings potential that new clas­si­fi­ca­tion options can unleash in companies‘ input manage­ment.