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Unleash the Potential of Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion and Enhance Your Human Workforce with the Cognitive Auto­ma­tion World

From Pascal Bornet


The challenge your business faces today

Thanks to Chat GPT’s remar­kable success and the rapid rise of all things related to Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence, almost everyone has heard the term Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion by now.

But Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion (IA) isn’t just another trendy buzzword.

When used effec­tively, it can unlock your business’s full potential. Companies worldwide need to modernize their ope­ra­tions to become more efficient, customer-focused, automated, and digital.

This is where Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion plays a crucial role.

Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion is a pivotal lever to enhance your customers‘ expe­ri­ence and elevate your business’s pro­duc­ti­vity and effi­ci­ency. It is one of the most critical drivers for com­pe­ti­tive relevance in today’s business world. Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion can help you solve your business’s most pressing issues, such as providing quick and high-quality customer service or high-speed invoice pro­ces­sing.    

As Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion ushers in a new revo­lu­tion in the business world, Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies’ platform, the Cognitive Auto­ma­tion World, is uniquely posi­tioned to offer a cutting-edge com­bi­na­tion of methods and tech­no­lo­gies to help you drive business advantage.

This article explains how.

The 4 Capa­bi­li­ties – A Framework to Explain the Power of Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion

Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion automates your knowledge workers’ acti­vi­ties by mimicking their four main capa­bi­li­ties: Vision, Execution, Language, Thinking & Learning. Intel­li­gent tech­no­lo­gies can activate and enhance each of these critical capa­bi­li­ties, equipping your business with the tools it needs to thrive in the digital era.

1. Vision

Computer vision tech­no­lo­gies serve as the digital workforce’s eyes, allowing them to scan their sur­roun­dings. This tech­no­logy empowers computers to perceive, interpret, and com­pre­hend visual elements in their work envi­ron­ment, including factory setups, objects, signs, and text.

In the context of Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion, this involves utilizing AI-enhanced intel­li­gent document pro­ces­sing (IDP) software for document and image capture, video analysis, and biometric infor­ma­tion iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion augments your workforce, enabling them to serve your customers better.

For example, Insider Tech­no­lo­gies Cognitive Auto­ma­tion World boasts an advanced vision capa­bi­lity that enables the accurate ingestion of data from invoices, personal IDs, receipts, even the most chal­len­ging hand­written content (even the worst doctors‘ notes), forms, contracts, or any business docu­men­ta­tion. This precision is industry-leading and enhances your auto­ma­tion processes signi­fi­cantly.

2. Execution

The execution capa­bi­lity is the ‘doing’ aspect of Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion. It encom­passes any task a person can perform on a computer, guided by analyzed data. This encom­passes tran­sac­tional, repe­ti­tive, rule-based tasks like form com­ple­tion, infor­ma­tion routing, or the creation and dispatch of emails.  This capa­bi­lity is a foun­da­tion for end-to-end automated business process delivery. It acts as a glue, con­nec­ting relevant tech­no­lo­gies across the four capa­bi­li­ties.

Sup­porting your knowledge workers’ executive acti­vi­ties is key to any effective and suc­cessful IA strategy for your business. Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies’ Cognitive Auto­ma­tion World provides ready-to-use AI services, for example, for the automated pro­ces­sing of insurance claims or logistics-related documents like invoices and delivery notes. Their Mar­ket­place, tailored to your industry and tasks, has pre-built, pre-trained auto­ma­tion processes that integrate easily with your existing infra­struc­ture.

In addition to these com­ple­men­tary ready-to-use AI services, Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies has developed the Service Builder. It’s a user-friendly, no-code and AI-powered auto­ma­tion tool that enables its users to intui­tively and quickly build their own indi­vi­dual AI services. Thanks to the imple­men­ta­tion of Large Language Models such as Chat GPT, no prior coding knowledge is needed to design, build and deploy your own end-to-end auto­ma­tion solutions with the Service Builder.

3. Language

The language capa­bi­lity allows machines to read, speak, write, interact, interpret, and derive meaning from human language. Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion for this capa­bi­lity revolves around inter­ac­tions with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers across various channels like phones, messaging platforms (e.g., Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp), email, chatbots, or virtual assistants (e.g., Siri, Alexa).

This capa­bi­lity encom­passes vital functions such as text trans­la­tion, infor­ma­tion extra­c­tion, sum­ma­riza­tion, sentiment analysis, speech analytics, pre­dic­tive text typing, and voice com­pre­hen­sion.

For instance, Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies employs AI-powered chatbots in their Mailroom Auto­ma­tion and Mobile multi-channel solutions. These chatbots capture and address customer inquiries across various phone, email, text, web chat, and social media platforms. Addi­tio­nally, the system tran­scribes all con­ver­sa­tions using speech-to-text tech­no­logy.

Machine learning algo­rithms, including sentiment analysis, analyze these inter­ac­tions to identify critical issues and customer sen­ti­ments. Visual cues or noti­fi­ca­tions relay this actionable customer insight to agents, empowe­ring them to create tailored solutions that meet customer needs.

4. Thinking & Learning

This capa­bi­lity creates insights from data through analysis and pre­dic­tion to support decision-making. It equips your employees with data-driven guidance for their actions and decisions. It can even start automated process acti­vi­ties.

Since the 90s, AI has been the foun­da­tion of ever­y­thing Insiders Tech­no­lo­gies does. The intel­li­gent motor that runs Insiders’ services is their AI called Ovation. It’s the core of Insiders’ Cognitive Auto­ma­tion World. Ovation reads, under­stands and struc­tures any content. It can handle a multitude of inputs, from simple paper forms to complex omnich­annel customer inter­ac­tions. It can do this with super-human speed and accuracy.

Advanced process learning tech­no­lo­gies enable OVATION to con­ti­nuously improve as an assistant to your workforce. It observes human experts‘ decision-making processes and, over time, becomes even more efficient and helpful. For instance, OVATION can learn to act as your intel­li­gent accoun­tant, deducing specific knowledge like your cost center or G/L account without extra input or explicit training data. It accom­plishes this by observing your experts, much like a human trainee would.

Combining the 4 Capa­bi­li­ties to Create Synergies for Your Business

While each capa­bi­lity and tech­no­logy benefits busi­nesses signi­fi­cantly, their inte­gra­tion unleashes broader and more impactful appli­ca­tions. Con­nec­ting these tech­no­lo­gies expands auto­ma­tion beyond isolated use cases to encompass end-to-end automated processes. The cumu­la­tive value derived from indi­vi­dual use cases exceeds the sum of their indi­vi­dual values.

When the four capa­bi­li­ties are inte­grated into a com­pre­hen­sive Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion strategy and seam­lessly incor­po­rated into an organization’s IT infra­struc­ture, their combined power becomes extra­or­di­nary. Insiders IA Platform Cognitive Auto­ma­tion World unites all four capa­bi­li­ties. Unlike many AI solutions of the past, which focused on solving a single problem, Insider’s modular and adaptable platform makes Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion acces­sible to anyone looking to harness AI for their business needs.

Posi­tio­ning Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion in the Enter­prise

Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion (IA) elevates customer expe­ri­ence, enhances business pro­duc­ti­vity and effi­ci­ency, and delivers a strong return on invest­ment (ROI). It is one of the foremost drivers of com­pe­ti­tive relevance in today’s business landscape.

Insiders‘ platform, built upon their extensive 25+ years of expertise, seam­lessly inte­grates all four capa­bi­li­ties, sim­pli­fying the auto­ma­tion of complex use cases for maximum business impact. By auto­ma­ting repe­ti­tive and critical tasks, you can optimize your most valuable asset – your workforce. Thanks to Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion, your staff can redirect their focus toward more creative, value-adding tasks, con­tri­bu­ting to your business’s success in the digital era.

Insiders‘ Cognitive Auto­ma­tion World inte­grates the four capa­bi­li­ties, enabling clients to automate the most complex use cases and deliver the highest impact. As the most suc­cessful spin-off of the renowned German Research Center for Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence (DFKI), more than 5,000 customers use their advanced AI tech­no­logy.

Get in touch with them to learn more about how you can tap into the full potential of Intel­li­gent Auto­ma­tion.